Excellence in customer service: how Euromed Pharma reduces costs and saves time
Personalized support through expertly trained teams

Ensuring seamless transactions from order to delivery

From returns to compliants: comprehensive management for partner satisfaction 

Full Visibility of your Clients & Business:

  • Detailed Sales Report
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Track & Trace System
  • Stock inventory
  • Commercial strategy alignment with our clients

Ensuring seamless transactions from order to delivery

Our Customer Service guarantees a personalized service that allows companies to reduce costs and time. Euromed Pharma Services customer services are dedicated to the customer, through selected and periodically trained personnel. 

The customer service activities include the management of: 

  • Return practices relating to products
  • Complaints 
  • Sending the files to the Central Data Bank of the Ministry of Health 
  • Orders received by the Partner Customer: via the interface or by manually typing the order
  • Paper and electronic transport documents and/or accompanying invoices
  • Dedicated shipment tracking 
  • Marks 


  • Quality Unit 
  • An efficient Quality Unit able to mark the guidelines for excellence 
  • Quality system of excellence 
  • Product recall procedures 
  • Continuous monitoring of the efficiency of the Business Units 
  • Documentary support 


euromed pharma fully validate sole agent of Hospital and Orphan Drugs

Together throughout your drug’s lifecycle

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