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Euromed Pharma: a legacy of growth in pharma services

Euromed Pharma, dedication and compliance in pharma services

Euromed Pharma, is a Petrone Group company, active in the pharmaceutical, Para pharmaceutical and health sector since 1965 with the main offices in Italy and branches in Europe and more…

We ensure an efficient and timely distribution on “order to cash” basis of innovative hospital line products, orphan drugs, and product under Early/Expanded Access schemes, all over Europe to facilitate patients’ access to innovative drug treatments.

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Together throughout your Specialty drug’s lifecycle

Euromed Pharma provide a full range of services to manage the supply of pharmaceutical products, both in the commercial and in early or expanded access program, with tailor-made solutions according to our partners’ specific requirements. We deliver solutions giving you a lean structure in each country with financial optimisation and customer service dedicated to your client. We make leverage on our long-lasting and strong expertise to facilitate our client fast access to each market. We are committed, experienced, reliable and with an international reach.

Why choose us

Focus on Hospital Services:

    • Dedicated and Specific: Euromed Pharma offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual facility
    • Highly Qualified Staff: Our team has a proven track record in the pharmaceutical industry and in-depth knowledge of current regulations 
    • Compliance with Regulations: Every service is carried out in strict compliance with the laws, parameters and regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry
    • Complete and Accurate Documentation: We provide all the necessary documentation to support the services provided, ensuring transparency and traceability

Why choose us

Authorized Hospital-line Medicines

  • Experience and Expertise: Over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector make us a reliable and secure partner
  • Customized Solutions: We analyse your specific needs and create customized solutions to optimize the efficiency of your pharmaceutical services
  • Highly Qualified Staff: 24/7 multi language nationally located customer service team. Our team has a proven track record in the pharmaceutical industry and in-depth knowledge of current regulations
  • Safety and Compliance: every service is carried out in full compliance with current regulations, ensuring maximum safety for patients and the hospital facility
  • Euromed Pharma: your choice for outstanding hospital services 


euromed pharma fully validate sole agent of Hospital and Orphan Drugs

Together throughout your drug’s lifecycle

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