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Ensuring continuity of care with unlicensed medications

Shortages Supply

A medicine shortage occurs when a medicine is temporarily unavailable on the national territory because the MA holder cannot ensure a continuous supply, in relation to the patient’s therapeutic needs.

A hospital facing medicine shortages without having a licensed replacement therapy available locally can only find a solution using unlicensed medicine routes to source and import an alternative treatment that is commercially available in another country. 

The unavailability of medicines is on the rise and it has a tremendous impact on patients. 

Euromed Pharma provides alternatives to our healthcare providers globally guaranteeing the therapeutic continuity with high-quality standards.

Euromed pharma’s expertise in orphan drug distribution and compliance

Unlicensed Supply​

Euromed Pharma offers a global access to established products (unlicensed medicines) that are not commercially available to hospitals, healthcare professionals and patients in their countries. 


  • Patients need to continue the treatment, after the trials are completed, and be covered until its approval and commercialization (and Beyond) – (globally unlicensed);
  • Patients from other countries require the therapy and cannot wait until the local marketing authorization is granted – (Under national registration);
  • Patients necessitate the unlicensed medicine and cannot delay the treatment until (and if) the local supply is rescued 

Whether globally unlicensed, under national registration or on shortage we offer our full commitment to supply these medicines to hospitals, physicians and patients by helping MAHs through the hurdles of the process.

The knowledge of available regulatory opportunities combined with the highest standar

Named Patient Program​

Euromed acts as a valuable bridge between MAHs and patients when they need medicines – most of times “life-saving” treatments for incurable pathologies – that cannot be available within the usual clinical or commercial setting.


These programs are for patients suffering from a serious or debilitating illness and who have no locally approved alternative treatments available. 


  • There are no locally approved treatments available for the specific type of disease in the patient’s home country
  • There are locally approved treatments available, however, the physician has tried them without success
  • The patient cannot enroll in an active clinical trial for their specific stage of disease


euromed pharma fully validate sole agent of Hospital and Orphan Drugs

Together throughout your drug’s lifecycle

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