Comprehensive solutions for large-scale pharmaceutical distribution
Specialized logistics and procurement for different pharmacy needs

Two decades of excellence in commerce, distribution, and logistics

Our services and compliance in operations

Euromed Pharma offers a large competence in logistics and procurement of various categories of products: from ethical to generic drugs, from OTC drugs to health and beauty products, medical devices, and parapharmaceutical products.
The categories of goods distributed are:
• Medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary use
• Unlicensed Medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary use
• Controlled drugs
• Parapharmaceutical products
• Medical devices & IVD
• Food supplements
• Cosmetic products
Our companies are authorized for storage and distribution of products at:
• Temperature +15 °C / +25 °C
• Temperature +2 °C / +8 °C
• Temperature <25°C
Our sites are temperature controlled with validated software and periodically mapped to protect stored products from the harmful effects of temperatures.
The deliveries, performed by qualified and specialized international couriers, are monitored to comply with the label conditions using validated methods (validated boxes) and routes, following the identification of the most critical routes (worst case approach) all over the world.
All deliveries accompanied by the appropriate documentation and a proof of delivery collected and maintained for each shipment.

Adhering to good distribution practices (gdp) in pharma logistics

Elevating patient safety and compliance: Euromed Pharma’s quality system excellence

Euromed Pharma ensures its quality standards are in full alignment with the latest regulatory requirements, adhering to the specific needs of our partner companies and the guidelines set by regulatory bodies.
Euromed Pharma offers a high quality service, working in accordance with European and international legislation and in compliance with Good Distribution Practices (cGDP). Our warehouses hold valid licenses and certificates for the activities of storage and distribution of products in which every local legislative requirement is satisfied.
Our companies carry out the Risk Based Verification as require complying the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS), aims to authenticate medicines and improve patient safety, following the guidelines of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the Delegated Regulation (DR), which specify safety feature requirements. If there is a warning related to a pack, the system will highlight this as an exceptional event and the package will not be supplied. An investigation needs to determine whether the pack has been falsified or not.

Meeting legal standards across human, veterinary, and narcotic drug distribution

Euromed Pharma’s Quality Management System ensures effectiveness and safety of the products, and it is addressed to the organization’s varying objectives, needs, and services provided.

Its application allows us to pursue continuous improvement by aiming at customer satisfaction, without forgetting the Quality and Environmental Protection standards that are the basis of a sustainable development logic.

Euromed Pharma’s Quality Management System for managing quality encompasses the organizational structure, procedures, processes, and resources, as well as activities necessary to ensure confidence that the product delivered maintains its quality and integrity and remains within the legal supply chain during storage and/or transportation.


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