Our unique sole agent business model​
Full service provider throughout the supply chain​

Sole Agent, Exclusive Solution Business Model

Euromed Pharma provide a full range of services to manage the supply of pharmaceutical products in the commercial phase, with tailor-made solutions according to our partners’ specific requirements. We deliver solutions giving you a lean structure in each country with financial optimisation and customer service dedicated to your client. We make leverage on our long-lasting and strong expertise to facilitate our client fast access to each market.

We deliver the infrastructure and personnel support to manage orders, accounts receivables, chargebacks and returns with confidence, helping to ensure more accuracy and reliability. Our team has pioneered solutions for hospital & orphan drugs delivered to the European market. Throughout the years we have built the experience to provide back-end support to guide companies to address specific patient needs and manage complex order management challenges. We have developed effective distribution channel strategies to adapt to the complex supply chain environment of the orphan drugs space.   

Euromed Pharma Acting as Exclusive Distributors​

  • Partner Success Manager: Communication truth Focal Point to our client
  • Tender Monitoring: Access to all existing Regional & Country Portals, Monitoring by active ingredients of tenders of interest
  • Tender Participation: Participation to Negotiation procedures and Bidding to Hospitals
  • Order Management & Customer Services: Communication to Hospitals, managing offers, orders and commercial terms in line with our client indications
  • Credit Management: Credit collection, carrying financial and bad insolvency risk, Dunning Process 
  • Order to Cash MonitoringForecasting, Sales reports, Order and Stock management statistics


euromed pharma fully validate sole agent of Hospital and Orphan Drugs

Together throughout your drug’s lifecycle



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