Manufacturing, storage, and distribution
Comprehensive IMP management for clinical and commercial needs

Comprehensive IMP management for clinical and commercial needs

IMP manufacturing expertise, advanced  packaging solutions, innovative labelling techniques, storage and distribution of IMPs, ancillaries and much more

Whether you need support for clinical trial materials such as investigational medicinal products, comparator medicinal products, and placebos, or planning an early access program, a named patient program we have built the experience to connect the world through the safest and most efficient storage, handling and transportation methods and routes.

Add the fact that this is done for clinical as well commercial with the ability to store more than Prescription and OTC, Nutraceutical, and raw materials, API.

Our team manages the storage and distribution of products in ambient and cold chain conditions including import/export services. Thanks to our Supply Chain consulting services we can offer guidance on several critical variables in the planning of your operations. We recommend the best transportation methods based on products, point of departure and destinations. We assess and evaluate the assumption on regulatory requirements mitigating the risk of delay in shipments during delicate transitions such as customs clearances.

We identify the optimal packaging solution so that the product is protected from any temperature excursion along the whole way.

Management and supply

Investigational medical products

Euromed, with over 15 years of experience, is a leading provider of investigational medicinal product (IMP) management for clinical research. We employ our scientific, regulatory, and operational resources to develop customized and integrated solutions to package your IMP. ln this way, we help our clients shorten timelines, reduce costs, and optimize strategies and solutions for packaging, labeling, and logistics related to IMP management.

How we do

Development of innovative ideas for IMPs from phase I to phase lV. Our approach, for the development of IMPs from Phase I to Phase IV, is in direct collaboration with project managers and clinical experts to identify and optimize the implementation of IMPs.


Our quality

In addition, our clients benefit from expert support in the management of IMPs and ‘approvals of comparator drugs from certified and reliable sources. We offer pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) easy and effective access to quality-assured products, from anywhere in the world, and through robust supply and distribution strategies to the trial centers that need them.

Our experience

 Euromed benefits from long-standing and trusted relationships with numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers, along with a strong and extensive network of approved and qualified wholesalers and distributors. We are competent and experienced in sourcing and supplying single/multiple lots, originators (branded) and generic equivalents, providing all quality/product documentation, and ensuring complete confidentiality to our clients.

Supply Chain consulting for IMPs

  • Tailored supply chain strategies – expert guidance for your operations

  • Regulatory compliance assessment – mitigating risks in shipments

  • Optimized packaging solutions – protecting products from temperature excursions

Services for Clinical Trials and Commercial Use

  • Preparation of emergency envelopes and master label forms
  • Selection of qualified packaging materials for optimal safety
  • Meeting eu requirements: importation of imps from extra-eu countries

Together throughout your drug’s lifecycle

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