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Euromed pharma deals with import/export and disposal of medical devices

Supply, purchase and distribution

Advanced dressings for the care and treatment of skin lesions: 

  • Ostomy products and devices 
  • Urology medical devices 
  • Vascular medical devices 


Our extensive offer includes: 

  • Protective masks 
  • PPE kits 
  • Hygienists 
  • Thermometers 
  • Blood pressure monitors 
  • Stethoscopes 
  • Stadimeters 
  • Needles and Syringes 
  • Glucometers 
  • Scales 
  • Surgical instruments 
  • Radiology and imaging 
  • Respiratory and anaesthesia equipment 


Through our logistical organisation, we can fulfil even small orders in the shortest time, giving equal importance to each customer. Continuous support at all stages of supply has always characterised the work of our staff.  For the most up-to-date and complete list please contact us directly via the form or write us an email.

*Availability varies according to seasonality and availability. 


euromed pharma fully validate sole agent of Hospital and Orphan Drugs

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