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Comparator and ancillaries sourcing

Euromed Pharma offers customised services from sourcing comparator drugs and co-medication, to IMP services such as packaging, labelling, distribution, storage and destruction/new use of the leftovers. Thanks to our unparalleled market coverage, procurement team (25+ FTE spread over every corner of the world), and broad geographical network footprint, we ensure that you have the right solution for all the stages of your clinical trials, from sample packs to Phase III large volumes

A comprehensive support to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Each one of our clients has a dedicated SPOC assigned, that will provide solutions to ensure the uninterrupted supply of comparators, medical devices, and ancillaries to meet all the clinical trial requirements, in a cost-effective way. All the way up from needles to high-end biological products.

Comparator Drug Sourcing: 

  • Long-established relationships with manufacturers and authorised distributors/wholesalers
  • Partnership agreements with selected generic and biosimilar manufacturers provides significant cost savings for your trials
  • Ability to source comparator drugs in more than 60 countries via our authorized global wholesale-network offering you significant cost savings and unparalleled access to key drugs
  • Guarantee of supply continuity throughout the duration of your trial

Ancillary and Medical Device Sourcing

-A specific dedicated team

-Understanding country-specific guidelines and regulatory requirements

-Providing all the needed Certificates



euromed pharma fully validate sole agent of Hospital and Orphan Drugs

Together throughout your drug’s lifecycle

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