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Euromed pharma as part of the Petrone Group has inherited and embodied its values and principles regarding sustainability. We have embarked on a path of sustainable development on the themes of Environment, Social and Governance. At the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, incorporated into the Group’s sustainability strategy in a focused program of action.

Certificazione Led Silver

Green Building Council Italy has awarded the Petrone Group and Euromed pharma’s headquarters with LEED certification at the Silver level, today our base is among the best environmentally sustainable buildings in southern Italy.

The dedication to environmental sustainability is reflected in the structure of the building, thought out in the design phase with particular attention to the sustainability of the exterior cladding and the possibility of taking advantage of renewable sources (RES) along with the attention of the staff and employees all, in reducing plastic consumption and using recyclable materials, have allowed the company to obtain this valuable official recognition.

The LEED recognition is the result of the long-term vision of applying concrete actions for change by implementing at every stage of the production system management process an approach oriented to sustainability, energy and water saving, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

Our commitment


Ipe Business School, an excellence in training for over 20 years, has established a lasting partnership with the group in order to train new resources and attract new talent.

The Digita Academy offers training with projects tailored to improve people’s skills. The partnerships allow young students from Campania to come together in a context where they can learn new training skills to find employment opportunities in their home region, limiting where possible the brain drain phenomenon.

Cave Canem Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to change the fate of dogs and cats in distress and to promote an evolution in the human/animal relationship through co-design models, training opportunities, and socially innovative practices. The Foundation is operational throughout Europe with objectives of great social impact, pursues the value of inclusion: men and women are involved who provide energy and commitment on behalf of dogs and cats without families, benefiting in terms of human growth and professional training with the Generation 4C project.


Petrone Group is inaugurating its Academy in 2020, a dynamic platform blending virtual and real spaces designed to enrich and unite all Petrone Group team members. A survey was conducted, aimed at capturing and enhancing employes’ values and aspirations, underscoring Petrone Group’s commitment to an inclusive and stimulating work environment.


This initiative aims to promote professional growth through a series of advanced e-Learning pathways and to strengthen team spirit through interactive meetings and targeted Team Building activities. Over time, the Academy has offered a wide range of courses, embracing topics such as effective communication, leadership strategies, negotiation techniques, as well as practical courses in English and Excel.


Over the past few years, Petrone Group has supported the following Team Building activities for different departments and locations:


December 2023 – Wine Tasting, Petrone Group

September 2023 – Mediterranean Masterchef class, Petrone Group

June 2023 – I’m sending you packing, Petrone Group

May 2023 – Family Day Futbol BCN , Euromed Pharma Spain

December 2022 – 1st Padel Cup edition, Petrone Group

September 2022 – Menu Italiano en BCN, Euromed Pharma Spain

September 2021 – Paint your company, Petrone Group


The growth is only possible if you have solid and concrete foundations, we do not rely only on results and financial solidity but also on people’s social commitment, environmental and economic sustainability. The path we taken towards a sustainable business model is characterized by a governance marked by values of ethics and transparency, and by the active protection of the environment. The creation of shared value with the local community is something very important for the business itself.

The first Sustainability Report is part of the path of long-term sustainable growth and allows for reporting, monitoring and commitments for the future in the area of sustainability which has always been an integral part of our business strategy.

This model sees innovation and technological development at the centre, enabling factors and decisive elements that allow us to face, the challenges of the present and the future to seize the opportunities and anticipate the risks.”

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