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Orphan drug supply chain solutions for hospitals and pharmacies

Robust channel management for pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Simplifying access to specialty drugs for patients

We have built the experience to connect the world through the safest and most efficient storage, handling and transportation methods and routes.  Add the fact that this is done for clinical as well commercial with the ability to store more than Prescription and OTC, Nutraceutical, and raw materials, API.  

The team manages the storage and distribution of products in ambient and cold chain conditions including import/export services. Our Supply Chain consulting services offer guidance on several critical variables in the planning of your operations. We recommend the best transportation methods based on products, point of departure and destinations. We assess and evaluate the assumption on regulatory requirements mitigating the risk of delay in shipments during delicate transitions such as customs clearances. We identify the optimal packaging solution so that the product is protected from any temperature excursion along the whole way. 


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